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What is the Bartholomew County Community Summer Learning Program?

The Bartholomew County Community Summer Learning program is a joint initiative of the Bartholomew County Public Library and many of our local partners, including businesses, nonprofits, and community-run groups. The program is designed to help you to track your learning over the summer, including not only time spent reading, but time spent participating in face-to-face and virtual programs and activites with the library and our community partners. By doing so, you can earn points, which go towards prizes; raffle entries for weekly and end-of-summer drawings; and digital badges (which may or may not earn you special secret prizes)! Every 20 points you earn will get you an entry in that week's raffle, and every 300 points (approximately 5 hours, or 15 books) will earn you a book or a coupon of your choosing (up to 1500 points). Raffle winners will receive gift cards to local businesses and swag from community partners. Prizes can be claimed at any library location. 

How do I register?

Right here on this site! Go back to the home page and look for the registration form. Once you have created an account, you will have the option to add multiple unique participants or "readers." (This is great for families and care providers who want all members to participate, but don't want to deal with multiple accounts and passwords). 

Upon registering, all participants will need to select a program, or way to track their learning. You will have two choices: Reading by the Minute, or Reading by the Book (both described below). Once selected, all participants will also have the option to earn points and badges by participating in programs and activities (meaning, you don't even have to read if you don't want to - you could earn prizes just by participating in local events)! 

The two tracking options are as follows:


Participate in summer reading the traditional way: by keeping track of every 20 minutes you read. Every time you complete 20 minutes of reading, you log it and earn 20 points. It's that easy! (You can also log smaller or larger increments if you choose - one minute is worth one point). 


  • most older children, teens, and adults (readers of chapter books, long texts)
  • audiobook lovers

This program is usually the best fit for most people, as it rewards you for the time you spend reading, and not the number of books read. However, if you expect that you will be reading a large number of short texts, such as picture books, easy readers, comics, or short graphic novels, we recommend enrolling in our Reading by the Book program.


Participate in summer reading by keeping track of every book you read. Every time you complete a book, you log it. It's that easy! 


  • young children
  • readers of graphic novels, comics, poetry, or other short texts
  • older readers who are especially fast readers or want a greater challenge 

We especially recommend this program to young children who are being read aloud to, or who are just beginning to read independently (generally ages 0-8). We recognize that these readers are putting forth just as much effort as older readers, although they are logging fewer minutes (because picture books and easy readers are so short). Note that reading a whole book is worth the same amount of points as reading for 20 minutes, meaning that this program doesn't benefit you unless you are reading a large quantity of books (i.e, lots of picture books). For most older children, teens, adults, and audiobook lovers, we recommend enrolling in our Reading by the Minute program. 


What if I don't want to participate in the program online?

We do have a traditional paper-and-pencil option for participating in the Summer Learning Program. Simply stop by the library and pick up a paper bingo card and reading log. Each returned card or log will earn you 1 prize (a book or a coupon). If you wish to be included in raffle drawings, you may speak to a library staff member, who can help you to get registered online and enter your activities. All drawings will be done online. 


How do I claim my prizes?

When you have earned enough points and/or reached a high enough level, the system will alert you that you have a prize available (approximately every 300 points, which is 15 books or 5 hours of reading, depending on the program you choose). Simply go to any library location to claim your prize - a book or a coupon of your choosing. The library will be open to patrons for grab-and-go service beginning June 15, at which point you will be able to claim both regular prizes and raffle prizes. We highly encourage you to browse our selection of prizes virtually before your visit, which you can do online on our LibraryThing page

The maximum number of regular prizes each patron can earn over the course of Summer Learning is five - one for every 300 points earned. However, you can earn raffle entries for weekly drawings all summer long, and if you "complete" the program and earn all 5 regular prizes, you will be eligible for a grand prize drawing for $100 at the end of the summer. 

Please note that due to the coronavirus pandemic, pickup procedures are subject to change - ask a library staff member if you have concerns about our procedures.


I'm having trouble registering!

Please make sure you complete all fields in the registration form, including your age and your schools attended. (These will autofill once you have typed in the first few letters of your school's name). If this doesn't work, please contact a library staff member.


I don't want to share my age!

That's fine, you can put in any random age. The only age distinction we will look at is children (ages 0-12), teens (13-17) and adult, so any number in your general category will help us to understand our audience.


I did not / do not / haven't yet gone to school in Bartholomew County!

You can choose "Not in School" as your current school and "Other" as your last school attended. 


I can't seem to record minutes / books. 

Double-check and make sure you have created a "reader" for yourself. Creating an account is only the first step - you need to have a reader on your account to earn points. (Put another way: Readers can earn points, but accounts can't).

When you create a reader, make sure to fill out every field in the form, or it will not save.


Oops! I recorded my reading twice / entered the wrong number / claimed an activity I didn't mean to!

No worries! We trust you to be honest and wait to claim prizes until you have earned them. You can always refrain from entering your next reading session(s) until you have caught up with the points shown on your screen. If you are still concerned, you can use the contact form on this page to let us know about the mistake, and we will do our best to fix it - it helps tremendously if you can provide the approximate date and time of the error.


Help! My secret code isn't working!

Try entering the code in all caps. 


What if I want to keep participating after I've already earned 1500 points and "finished" the program?

Wonderful! Keep tracking your reading and learning - there might just be some hidden badges and raffle entries available at certain point thresholds!

Eek! I'm having a problem that isn't listed here!

Call or use the form to the right to contact the library if you need assistance!

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